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Trunnell's Farm Market & Family Fun Acre | Utica, KY | (270) 733-2222

Market & Fun Acre
9255 U.S. Highway 431
Utica, Kentucky 42376

Highway 54 Market
4399 Spring Hill Drive
Owensboro, Kentucky 42303
(On Highway 54
next to Lake Forest Dr.)

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Farm Market Hours


Dec 26th - March 31st

Utica Location:
Tuesday - Saturday
11AM - 5PM
Closed Sunday & Monday

Hwy 54 Location:
Monday - Saturday
10AM - 5PM
Closed Sunday


April 3rd - July 1st

Tues - Sat 11AM - 6PM
Sunday 12PM - 5PM

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Groups: Education Tours & Field Trips

Information for Teachers

We know how hard you work and want to make your trip to Trunnell's Farm meaningful and enjoyable. We have compiled a list of tips to help you prepare for your Educational School Tour. Please take time to read this important information. To help you with your lesson plans we are also including the parts of the Kentucky Combined Curriculum Document that we will touch on during your trip to our farm. With a trip to the farm, you will see that much of what we talk about and experience crosses the curriculum.

Important Information / How to Prepare for Your Visit

  1. Have money collected from all students and parents before arriving; teacher will pay for students, siblings and parents at one time. We cannot have parents paying individually, as it will take time away from your tour. We accept cash (large bills only, no coins) Checks, Purchase Orders, Visa and Master Card.
  2. Bring students in main gate and check-in at the Farm Market. Each student, parent, or sibling will receive a wristband which must be put on before starting the tour. You will also receive an itinerary for your day at the farm.
  3. Allow two and a half hours for your visit this includes 15 minutes to check in, Guided Tour, a half hour for lunch, and 45 minutes of play time (not necessarily in that order.) You may stay longer for additional playtime, but please plan to depart by 3:00 p.m.
  4. The time that you are scheduled for is the time your tour will begin. If you arrive early, you will have to wait until your scheduled time to begin your tour. If you are late in arriving, it may be impossible to take the complete tour. We will try our best, but we cannot interfere with other schools that were on time.
  5. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, this is a real farm with lots of dirt. Due to unpredictable weather it is important to have the students dress in layers. Hats and sunscreen are recommended.
  6. If you have further questions please call 270-733-2222.

Learning Objectives

Following is a list of our learning objectives for each Educational School Tour:

Kentucky Combined Curriculum - Primary Mathematics

  • Academic Expectations 2.8: Students understand various mathematical procedures and use them appropriately and accurately
  • Program of Studies - Understandings: MA-U-P-M-3: Students will understand that computing fluently and making reasonable estimates increases the ability to solve realistic problems encountered in everyday life.
  • Skills & Concepts: MA-P-NPO-S-E1: Students will explore appropriate estimation procedures for different situations.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment: MA-EP-1.2.1: Students will apply and describe appropriate strategies for estimating quantities of objects and computational results (limited to addition and subtraction).

Kentucky Combined Curriculum - Primary

  • Academic Expectations 2.10: Students understand measurement concepts and use measurements appropriately and accurately.
  • Program of Studies - Understandings: MA-P-M-U-2: Students will understand that measurements are determined by using appropriate techniques, tools and formulas.
  • Skills & Concepts: MA-P-M-S-MPA1: Students will apply standard units to measure length.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment: MA-EP-2.1.3: Students will choose and use appropriate tools

Kentucky Combined Curriculum - Primary Science

  • Academic Expectations 2.3: Students identify and analyze systems and the ways their components work together or affect each other.
  • Program of Studies - Understandings: SC-P-UD-U-1 Students will understand that most living things need water, food and air, while nonliving things can continue to exist without any requirements.
  • Skills & Concepts: SC-P-UD-S-1: Students will describe the basic needs of organisms and explain how these survival needs can be met only in certain environments.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment: SC-EP-3.4.1: Students will explain the basic needs of organisms.
  • Skills & Concepts: SC-P-UD-S-4: Students will analyze structures of plants and animals to make inferences about the types of environments for which they are suited.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment: SC-EP-3.4.3: Students will describe the basic structures and related functions of plants and animals that contribute to growth, reproduction and survival.
  • Skills & Concepts: SC-P-UD-S-6: Students will analyze and compare a variety of plant and animal life cycles in order to uncover patterns of growth, development, reproduction and death of an organism.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment SC-EP-3.4.4: Students will describe a variety of plant and animal life cycles to understand patterns of the growth, development, reproduction and death of an organism.

Kentucky Combined Curriculum - Practical Living/ Vocational Studies - Primary

  • Academic Expectations 5.1: Students use critical thinking skills such as analyzing, prioritizing, categorizing, evaluating, and comparing to solve a variety of problems in real-life situations.
  • Academic Expectations 5.4: Students use a decision-making process to make informed decisions among options.
  • Program of Studies - Understandings PL-P-PW-U-1: Students will understand that individuals have a responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Skills & Concepts: PL-P-PW-S-PPH6: Students will describe how diet, exercise, and rest affect the body.
  • Related Core Content for Assessment PL-EP-1.1.6: Students will describe how an individual's behavior and choices of diet, exercise and rest affect the body.

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